47-day program extending
into 14 months.


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Participants of the program are executives seeking answers about leadership. Usually these are people who are in charge of the strategy and results of their companies. Employees’, clients’ and shareholders’ eyes are on them. The company’s success depends on their quick reactions, speed and decisions.

Specific knowledge of different business subjects is not always helpful while taking decisions. Most organizations have tried a number of various business and management models. However, only the knowledge of them will not work. It is the leader who is to decide what and when and, most essentially, why something must be done.

The program Expedition: LEADERSHIP is designed to reveal the inner leader’s resources. It leads to a deeper knowledge of yourself and determines the ways of leadership improvement. It will enable every participant to perceive how his/her personality affects surrounding people and all the organization; to discover his/her personal leadership style and ideas for new routes and solutions.

The program will provide the spur from outside, fellows as well as conditions for effective search of personal leadership.

Conscious leader’s solutions arrive from knowledge of his/her own personality.

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