47-day program extending
into 14 months.


A.Juozapaviciaus 6/2, korpusas D, Vilnius 09310
+370 5 275 58 45
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Aelita Skaržauskienė

Aelita Skaržauskienė

Expert in leadership psychology Aelita Skaržauskienė gives seminars to top executives and appears in international conferences. She writes treatise and has prepared 6 original programs on leadership analysis. In her work Aelita applies both knowledge of management and modern leadership-correlated disciplines such as psychology and philosophy.

In the Expedition, Aelita will employ a great variety of intuition and creative development methods, World Cafe discussions, cinemology and imitation techniques. She does leadership research in ISM University of Management and Economics and deepens her knowledge in Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology and Stockholm School of Economics.

„I strive to answer the question what effect leader‘s self-awareness has on definite results in life and activity as well as realization of managerial potential. Discussions with executives and consultations imply that management evokes answers and leadership evokes questions. First and foremost – questions to ourselves. Individualization is the way of leadership fulfilment.“

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