47-day program extending
into 14 months.


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Dr. Bjørner Bodogaard Christe
Dr. Bjørner Bodogaard Christensen

Dr. Bjørner Bodogaard graduated from the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy and Bergen Norwegian School of  Economics and Business Administration. In 2003 he was awarded the Doctor of Management (DMan) from the Complexity and Management Centre at the Business School of the University of Hertfordshire . He has all together more than thirty years of executive practice as well as management of personnel divisions. He was awarded The Tavistock Institute Qualification in Advanced Organisational Consultation in 1995. Today he is an independent Organizational Consultant and the Director of the Complexity and Management Centre in Norway.

In the Expedition, he will use group Participative Exploration discussion methods and Case Analysis.

„Our identity is not fixed – it changes with the new surroundings, new contacts, new experience. When facing the new viewpoints we are induced to find the new meaning to the experience that we already have, to give the sense to the mission and potentials of ourselves, of our leadership. Everything what we do in our organizations is meaningful and useful to the level of our consiousness – why this, why now, why at all“





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