47-day program extending
into 14 months.


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+370 5 275 58 45
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Jurga Bajoriūnienė

Jurga Bajoriūnienė

Specialist in organizational psychology, with huge experience as an expert for organizations and executives. She has worked as an HR manager and supervisor of management processes for the biggest Lithuanian companies. Professional experience in organizations of various sizes, types of business and culture enabled her to know and realize difficulties, management problems and leadership dilemmas that executives face. Jurga has been teaching future organizational psychologists at Vilnius University since 1994.  

In the Expedition, Jurga will be the group moderator for all meetings and consult participants individually between sessions. 

“As an manager I fully recognize the market’s breathing down the neck and the feeling of perpetual pressure. I know and understand what effect it has on executives’ state (both body and mind), their efficiency, effectiveness and the way the company benefits from them. Exhaustion, burn-out and Effect of Vicious Circle are not bookish clichés, but day-to-day reality for many executives. It is critical to back off and see things at a different angle, listen to others and hear yourself. Then, a new inspiration will appear which guides to new universes…”











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