47-day program extending
into 14 months.


A.Juozapaviciaus 6/2, korpusas D, Vilnius 09310
+370 5 275 58 45
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+370 620 69968
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LT   Į pradžią  El.paštas
Dima Kuniskis

Dima Kuniskis

Psychologist, board member of Lithuanian Humanistic Psychology Association; has long experience in lecturing at Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology. Dima has 20 years’ experience in consulting work with groups – ranging from communication seminars to psychological preparation of sportspeople. He has worked in the Baltic, Scandinavian and CIS countries. He has conducted over 100 seminars to companies and organizations with his specially prepared methodologies.

In the Expedition, his work will refer to various body-oriented techniques, creative self-expression and meditative methods.

“My field of professional interest is related to expansion of possibilities of person’s self-cognition and self-regulation. The position I stand for is that people can truly be responsible for themselves and their lives, control their state of mind and behaviour. That is the basis of fulfilling life and successful performance, assisting in cultivation of deeper relationship and life realization.”







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