47-day program extending
into 14 months.


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Dr. Allan Owens

Dr. Allan Owens

Expert in process drama, a PhD, a member of UK Royal Society of Arts. He has created and practices drama methods aimed at personal insights and learning. In 2003 awarded a UK National Teaching Fellowship as one of the 20 leading university teachers in the .  Allan has varied experience in companies, schools as well as the public sector. He teaches and consults internationally, including work in Austria, USA, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal and Spain. Regular speaker at conferences and international symposiums and the author of a number of articles, releases and books.

 In the Expedition, Allan will apply process drama techniques, Forum Theatre, group and individual reflections.




“In process drama participants' thoughts are at play in two simultaneously existing realities, the reality examined through the drama and the often unexamined reality of everyday life. It is the movement between these two realities that the learning potential of this methodology lies as new understandings are generated and negotiated in dialogue. In this sense the approach provides a countertrend to day-to-day social and working and life where existential questions rarely figure”.

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