47-day program extending
into 14 months.


A.Juozapaviciaus 6/2, korpusas D, Vilnius 09310
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Andrius Smirnovas

Andrius Smirnovas

For over 10 years Andrius has guided others and been himself deeply involved in mountain hiking and mountaineering. He has guided 16 mountain hikes. He has prepared group dynamics programs for companies and held over 80 events. Andrius is the founder and the head of the mountaineering company “Montis Magia”. He has won a great number of international bouldering, speed climbing and difficult climbing competitions.

In the Expedition, Andrius will conduct practical mountain trainings and hikes.

 “Every single time in mountain hikes I can see the same – something is going on with those people. They discover a lot of new things about themselves and relationships with others, find themselves and their opportunities anew. It ignores age, status, profession or achievements. Simply, in wilderness you are close to the essence – nature sharpens everything. 

   Mountains for me as a person are consistent self-development. As for a manager they are a necessity since it is a never-ending process.”



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